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Architectural Lighting Solutions and Lighting Manufacturer in China

Luminouslite is a solution-based LED lighting manufacturer, specializing in hotel lighting, residential lighting, landscape lighting, and commercial lighting.

Less Power, But Brighter

Lighting is one of the largest sources of total electricity consumption of the building electricity. Improving lighting efficiency can therefore translate to significant savings. As an architectural lighting solution provider and LED lighting manufacturer, Luminouslite builds LED light fixtures with meticulous attention to detail. We strive to supply lighting fixtures with the highest quality, within budget, and deliver on time. More importantly, higher efficiency (less power, but brighter). Products are suited for commercial, industrial, hospitality, institutional, and residential applications.

Interior Fixtures

Exterior Fixtures

Architectural Lighting Solutions and LED Lighting Manufacturer

Luminouslite manufactures and supplies a wide range of lighting for residential, commercial, hotel, and specialty lighting needs. We understand the pressure to move lighting projects from design to implementation. As a lighting manufacturer, we like to involve ourselves in this process. Our team at Luminouslite is dedicated to providing the best quality product at the most competitive price and delivering in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being an architectural lighting solutions provider by offering our clients a broad line of innovative and high-quality lighting products.

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Why Partner With LuminousLite?

Our architectural lighting solutions are valued by architects, designers, consultants, contractors, and owners for their quality, reliability, and warranty. Luminouslite has an extensive indoor, outdoor, and specialty lighting product line to fit every project application and market type. We stand behind our high quality products and strive to provide excellent customer service.

What Our Customers Say

Excellent product. Easy to install, lightweight and super bright. My customer was very happy as well. Will definitely use Luminouslite again for future projects.

Chris Guzman

These lights are amazingly bright! Couldn’t be happier with them. Easy to install and to top it off they are dimmable. We highly recommend Luminouslite!

Luis Mejia

I’m an electrical contractor, I’ve installed a LOT of linear light fixtures and love the L.E.D. technology we have available today. These fixtures were reasonably priced and well built. The installation was easy, as easy as any 8′ strip fixture (but much lighter). I’m very satisfied with the light distribution and the sturdy build. I’m purchasing more of these when they come available and strongly recommend Luminouslite.

Nick Sohnrey

One of the lights went dim and I called the company and told them about it. Without any hesitation, without any argument, without any hassle or cost to me at all, they sent me a brand new light fixture by air! All I asked for was one to replace the damaged one. I absolutely love luminouslite’s customer service. I will recommend this company and their products to everyone.

Sharyn N. Pokorny

LED Lighting Knowledge

Luminouslite has done a wide range of projects from hotels, apartments, villas, malls, commercial, and residential filed. There are a lot of great ideas and know-how at Luminouslite. We want to share it with you!

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