About us

Luminouslite is a solution-based LED lighting manufacturer, we focus on lighting projects such as hotels, apartments, houses, villas, offices, warehouses, and so on.

Luminouslite has been engaging in the lighting field for more than ten years. Our factory is ISO9001 certified and our manufactured products have CE, Rohs, SAA, CSA, and UL/ETL certifications. Luminouslite manufactures and supplies a wide range of lighting for residential, commercial, hotel, and specialty lighting needs. Ranging from LED linear lights, Down lights, Panel lights, Spot lights, Garden lights, Lamp posts, and Triproof lights, as well as Tube lights, Cove lights, facade lighting, etc.

We understand the pressure to move lighting projects from design to implementation. As a LED lighting manufacturer, we like to involve ourselves in this process. Our team at Luminouslite is dedicated to providing the best quality product at the most competitive price and delivering in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being an architectural lighting solutions provider by offering our clients a broad line of innovative and high-quality lighting products.

Luminouslite Production Line

Our Testing Instruments and Equipments

We have all kinds of professional instruments and equipments to carry out the necessary testing or verification for our LED lighting products, to ensure the quality and performance are qualified and guaranteed. Some of our testing instruments are listed below.

Strict quality control processes

We implement a strict quality monitoring procedure, each product is inspected by the corresponding quality QC. And before packing, every product needs to pass a 4-hour aging test to reduce the defective rate. Only qualified products are allowed to be put in storage.

Bring you a luminous life!