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Anti-glare linear light is a type of lighting device that reduces the glare that can often cause discomfort or visibility issues in various settings. These lights have a special coating or design that diffuses the brightness and distributes the light more evenly to prevent intense glare. They are used in a variety of settings, especially in workplaces such as offices, schools, and hospitals where people require clear visibility for their tasks. They are also beneficial for people with sensitive eyes or those who suffer from vision-related problems. As a premier Anti-glare linear lights manufacturer, Luminouslite offers linear lighting solutions that are both glare-free and flicker-free, to ensure you have a healthy lighting environment.


Item No:SLL6595A
LED Qty:144pcs
Color temp:3000-6000K
Luminous efficiency:>50LM/W

Linear Light Drawing

Anti-Glare Linear Light Drawing

Why choose Anti-Glare Linear Lights?

Anti-glare linear lighting is necessary and crucial for environments where healthy lighting is required, especially in professional or task-oriented settings, such as offices, retail spaces, universities, hospitals, and art galleries. The primary feature of Anti-Glare linear lights is their ability to reduce harsh glare that causes eye strain and ensure a comfortable and healthier lighting environment. Glare can tire the eyes, cause discomfort, and reduce productivity. Anti-glare linear lights use advanced optical design to minimize direct and reflected glare, providing more comfortable lighting conditions.

In order to improve visual comfort and reduce glare, Luminouslite uses Honeycomb Mesh technology and high-performance LEDs, our anti-glare lighting with UGR<16, provides exceptionally comfortable and smooth lighting. Learn more about: What Is Glare and How Anti-glare Lighting Can Help?

Benefits of Anti-Glare Linear Light

Anti-glare linear lights offer a range of benefits that make them well-suited for various applications, particularly in commercial and office settings. Here are some key advantages of anti-glare linear lights:

  • Reduced Eye Strain

Anti-glare linear lights are designed to minimize direct glare, which can cause eye strain and discomfort. By diffusing the light and reducing glare, these lights provide a more comfortable and visually pleasing lighting environment, reducing the strain on the eyes. This is particularly important for people who work long hours under artificial lighting, as it can help alleviate the symptoms of visual fatigue.

  • Improved Productivity and Focus

By reducing glare and providing more comfortable lighting, these linear lights can improve overall productivity and focus. This is especially important in environments where people perform tasks that require concentration, such as reading, writing, or computer work. When individuals are not distracted by glare or experiencing discomfort, they are more likely to stay focused and perform tasks more efficiently.

  • Uniform Illumination

Anti-glare linear lights can provide even and consistent lighting across a space, which contributes to a comfortable and well-lit environment. This feature also minimizes the need for additional lighting and reduces the risk of shadowy areas. As well as ensuring clear visibility and improving visual clarity.

  • Improved Color Rendering

Good quality anti-glare linear lights often have a high color rendering index (CRI), which measures the light’s ability to display colors accurately. This can enhance the appearance of a space and create a more pleasing visual experience. Luminouslite offers the options for the light with CRI>90 and CRI>95.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Anti-glare linear lights often have a sleek and modern design, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. They can enhance the ambiance and visual appeal of various indoor spaces, such as offices, retail spaces, or educational institutions. Moreover, their sleek design and lightweight structure make them easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

5 factors to consider when selecting anti-glare linear lights for an office

  • Glare Control

The primary purpose of anti-glare linear lights is to minimize glare and provide visual comfort. Consider the effectiveness of the glare control mechanisms employed by the fixtures, such as diffusing materials, optics, or louvers. Look for fixtures that have been specifically designed to reduce glare and offer excellent visual comfort. Generally, office linear light with UGR<19 is necessary.

  • Lighting Levels

Assess the lighting requirements of the office space in terms of desired illuminance levels. Consider the tasks performed in different areas of the office and determine the appropriate lighting levels for each. Ensure that the selected anti-glare linear lights can provide sufficient illumination to meet these requirements. The lighting levels can be calculated by the Dialux software, Luminouslite can offer free calculation and simulation for your projects.

  • Light Distribution

Evaluate the light distribution characteristics of the fixtures. The commonly used light distribution is narrow beam and wide beam. Look for fixtures that provide uniform and even lighting distribution across the workspace, avoiding hotspots or uneven illumination. This helps to create a comfortable and visually balanced lighting environment.

  • Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of the fixtures vary, so select the linear fixtures that complement the overall interior design of the office space. Look for options that have a sleek and modern appearance, as well as a form factor that integrates well with the ceiling or architectural elements. The color finish is also very important, white or silver color is best for the office, however, the black color finish is also a good one for some applications like the gym.

  • Compatibility with Controls

Consider the compatibility of the anti-glare linear light fixtures with lighting controls. Evaluate if the fixtures can be integrated with dimming systems, occupancy sensors, or daylight harvesting controls to enhance energy efficiency and provide additional flexibility in lighting management.

  • Warranty and Support

LED linear lights are a matured product in the lighting industry, and warranties for these fixtures should be from a minimum of 3 to 5 years. In addition to the warranty statement, customer support is critical. If customers encounter technical issues or challenges while using the lighting product or during the installation process, the manufacturer or supplier should provide guidance on resolving common problems, identifying faulty components, or addressing compatibility issues.

*For more information, please refer to: Why LED Linear Lighting is Great For Offices?

About Luminouslite

Luminouslite stands as a professional and prestigious Anti-Glare Linear Lights manufacturer in China. With years of experience and expertise in the lighting industry, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and visually appealing lighting environment. therefore, we are dedicated to designing and producing high-quality anti-glare linear lights that meet the highest standards of performance and visual comfort. With Luminouslite, you are not just investing in a lighting option but in a comprehensive lighting solution that prioritizes comfort, efficiency, style, and eco-friendliness.

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