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Luminouslite is dedicated to providing high-quality lighting solutions for your outdoor landscape space. As a landscape lighting manufacturer and landscape design solution provider, our experienced team of designers and technicians use only the best materials to create durable and weather-resistant landscape lighting fixtures that will enhance the beauty of your property. Whether you need lighting for your garden, patio, or driveway, we have a range of products to suit your individual needs. We understand that your outdoor landscape space is an extension of your home, and we strive to manufacture landscape lighting that reflects your style and personality. With our landscape lighting solutions, you can enjoy your outdoor space day and night.

Landscape Lighting Manufacturer

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Why Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds beauty, safety, and entertainment to our home. It’s a small investment but turns out to be a great benefit. Generally, there are 5 reasons why landscape lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years.

  1. Enhances the beauty of landscaping: Landscape lighting creates a dramatic effect by highlighting the features of your garden, lawn, and trees, adding depth and ambiance to your outdoor space. They give your home or property a “wow” factor that everyone craves. And if you’re a hotel owner, the well-designed landscape lighting can make your hotel more popular and attract customers.
  2. Increases security: Outdoor lighting can help deter burglars and other intruders from entering your property. Well-lit areas such as landscaped walkways, steps and pathways and entryways not only add beautiful drama in the evening, but are less likely to be targeted by criminals, making it a simple, yet effective, form of home security.
  3. Increases functionality: Landscape lighting can extend the use of your outdoor space into the evening hours. You can enjoy your patio, garden, and pool area well into the night if you have proper lighting installed. Currently, outdoor patios, pools, and areas designated for children’s play serve as multi-functional spaces for entertainment or relaxation.
  4. Adds value: A well-designed landscape lighting system is an excellent investment, adding value to your property and making it more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. For instance, proper villa landscape lighting highlights the beauty of the villa landscape, such as trees, pathways, and water features during nighttime, landscape lights significantly improve the overall look and feel of a villa. In return, the villa is also sold out easily.
  5. Low maintenance: Modern LED landscape lighting systems are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and require little maintenance. You don’t need to worry about changing bulbs or running out of power during a power outage. And these outdoor landscape lamps operate on low voltage power – 12 volts or 24 volts compared to the 120 volts used in older lights. Also, 12-volt (24-volt) lights don’t shock if a wire is cut or becomes loose, unlike high-maintenance lights.

Types of landscape lighting

There are several types of landscape lighting that can be used to illuminate outdoor spaces and enhance the appearance of your property. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Outdoor Spotlights

Outdoor spotlights are a type of landscape lighting fixture that is used to highlight specific features in the outdoor area such as trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns, statues, and architectural elements. They’re a directed light source usually with narrow beam angles of 15° or 24° that can be aimed at a specific area to create a dramatic effect or provide visibility to that area.

When it comes to installation, outdoor spotlights can be either surface mounted on the ground or installed inside the lawn with the accessory of the spike. Spike spotlights are easier to install in the garden and they do not need any installation tools.

  • Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are one of the most landscape lighting people usually use. Not only because they come in lots of shapes and designs but also accent the pathway to your home. Bollard lights are available in various heights from 0.3m, 0.6m, and 0.9m. Tall bollards are great for lighting up driveways and long stretches of space that get lost in the dark. Shorter bollards work well for walkways and small garden paths.

  • Underground Lights

An underground light, also known as an in-ground light, is a type of landscape lighting fixture that is installed flush or partially recessed into the ground. These lights are primarily used to illuminate outdoor areas such as walkways, driveways, decks, gardens, patio areas, or landscape features. Because underground lights are buried in the ground, they are designed to be durable and completely water-resistant, IP grade up to IP68. Generally, in-ground lights are made of 304 stainless steel against corrosion and damage. And their installation is more complicated than the other landscape lighting, you need to dig holes and consider the water draining to ensure the lights operate properly in the long term.

  • Step Lights

It’s all in the name. Step lights go either on walls beside the stairs or on the front, vertical face. They’re installed on stair risers or the underside of steps to provide safe and effective illumination at night. And, they come in many different shapes and designs, such as rectangular, circular, and square shapes, to complement the overall outdoor lighting design. The landscape step lights can be designed with a diffuser or a louver, which creates a soft, diffuse light while also adding aesthetic to the landscape.

  • Floodlights

Floodlights are powerful, high-output lights that can illuminate large areas. They are typically used to light up large trees, structures, or feature walls. Flood lights come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to be weather-resistant and durable. They have a beam angle greater than 90 degrees and are usually mounted high up on walls, poles, or on the ground, in order to provide wide-angle illumination over a large area. Flood light is one of the most versatile and practical lighting solutions for outdoor areas.

Overall, the type of landscape lighting you select will depend on your specific property and desired lighting effect. A combination of different types of landscape lighting may be used to achieve the desired ambiance and functionality.

What is the Difference Between a Landscape Spotlight and Floodlight?

An outdoor landscape spotlight typically has a narrow beam angle of around 25-60 degrees, which enables it to create a focused, intense, and directional beam of light that can be used to highlight specific features in the outdoor area. As a result, landscape spotlights are commonly used to illuminate trees, flower beds, pathways, statues, and architectural elements.

On the other hand, an outdoor floodlight has a much wider beam angle of around 120 degrees or higher, which enables it to cover a larger area with a relatively uniform level of light. As the beam angle is much wider, the intensity of the beam will also be lower as compared to the spotlight. Floodlights are commonly used for general illumination of large outdoor areas such as outdoor playing fields, parking lots, and backyards.

In a word, the choice between an outdoor landscape spotlight and floodlight will depend on the specific lighting needs of your outdoor area and the effect you are looking to achieve.

How to choose the best landscape lighting fixture?

  • Determine the Lighting Purpose

Firstly, identify the objects you want to highlight in your landscape, such as a tree, a fountain, a lawn, or a pathway. Then, determine whether you need lights for safety, security, highlighting architectural features, or just creating ambient lighting and decoration. Based on that, you can choose from a bunch of landscape light fixtures required to create the desired effect. For instance, spotlights are ideal for highlighting architectural features and projecting lights to the trees to draw attention, while bollard lights can illuminate a walkway. And outdoor flood lights are good to light up a wide area and give bright illumination, which makes people feel safe.

  • Consider the Style and Color

Once you’ve confirmed the lighting purpose, then you can aim at the style of those landscape lamps. The principle is the light should match the architecture and landscaping design around your property. Modern homes look great with sleek, minimalistic outdoor fixtures, whereas traditional homes look better with classic and ornate designs or a rustic look. In addition, most of the landscape garden lights are with black finish, they can also have a vintage, grey, or even white finish. Luminouslte can customize the color based on your landscape lighting project.

  • Solar-powered or Electric Operation

Solar landscape lights come with rechargeable batteries, making installation quick and easy since you don’t need to worry about wiring or electrical outlets. You can install them everywhere as long as the light can get sunshine to recharge. However, depending on the product’s quality, solar light batteries may need frequent changing –  the battery often loses its full storage capabilities over time.

AC-powered landscape lights are more durable and high-quality fixtures. They give off brighter lighting and you can benefit from their reliability. However, the installation needs to be wired and involves the use of a transformer, waterproof connectors, and cables, which is not as straightforward as with solar-powered fixtures and takes more time to install.

It’s difficult to say which one is better, each type has its advantage and disadvantage. It’s up to your preference and DIY ability to choose. If you’re concerned about the complexity and safety of the installation and don’t want to spend too much time on the installation, then go with the solar landscape lights. But, if you’re an experienced DIYer and have full electrical knowledge, electric-powered landscape lights are the best.

  • Mains Voltage 220V or Low Voltage 12V/24V

Mains voltage is 220V lighting which is wired directly into the main electricity supply. The main advantages of 220 volt installations are landscape lights do not need to use transformers, so installation is easier in a place where hiding transformers can be difficult. And also, you don’t have to worry about the voltage drop issue. However, since the landscape light is used outdoors and exposed to water and weather, the main concern is landscape light of 220v must have some suitable protection against accidental damage to ensure safety.

While the low voltage 12v is a safety voltage, 12 volts is inherently safe for children and pets. Exposure to 220V can kill a person. That’s a huge electrical current. Exposure to the much lower 12V will give just a slight shock if you or a family member come into contact with it.  And, the 12v outdoor light system is safe to install and maintain, since the voltage level is significantly lower than a standard electrical outlet.

Hence, the use of 220v (or 120v) fittings is not recommended due to the risk of electric shock. We advise the use of DC12V or DC24v landscape lighting.

  • Choose the E27 Light Bulb types or SMD Integrated Types

They’re all LED light sources, the difference is from the maintenance and the light effect. Landscape light fixture design with E27 light source can be easily replaced or repaired. The diffuser of the fixture can be taken off and the bulbs can be replaced with a new one, so you don’t have to change the whole fixture. Replacement is easy and hassle-free.

Landscape light fixture integrated with SMD means the LEDs are built-in, and fixed inside the fixture. Although it’s with more bright light and can achieve different beam angles, maintenance is not as simple as the led bulb types. If the problem comes from the transformer, replacing it with a new transformer will work. But if it’s the LED issue, unless you can repair or change the LEDs, or you have to replace the whole fixture.

  • Choose Products from the Landscape Lighting Manufacturer

Last but not least, buy the light from a qualified landscape lighting manufacturer. Landscape light factories have experience in engineering and designing landscape lights that are functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. And, they also have a very strict quality control process to ensure quality assurance. Landscape lighting factories have the ability to create custom lighting designs that suit customers’ individual styles and meet the project budget. More importantly, buying from the manufacturer means you get their warranty on the product, this ensures that you are protected in the event that a malfunction occurs. Also, landscape lighting manufacturers provide after-sales support services such as installation instructions, maintenance, and customer service to help customers maximize their lighting system’s potential.

Why Work with Luminouslite

Luminouslite is a premier landscape lighting manufacturer in China, we specialize in designing and producing lighting solutions specifically for outdoor landscape spaces. Our team of expert lighting engineers and designers have over a decade of experience in creating landscape lighting solutions that are tailored to fit your unique requirements. We work closely with interior designers, architects, consultants, contractors, electrical engineers, and owners, to develop bespoke lighting designs that highlight the beauty of their outdoor spaces and add value to their homes or businesses. No matter you’re working on a project that needs landscape lighting design or facade lighting design, or you already have the lighting design, our design team is glad to help. We can propose the landscape lighting solution based on your design or we can also review your drawing and offer our optimization solution.

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