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As a linear lighting fixture solutions provider and supplier, Luminouslite factory is a professional LED Linear Light manufacturer in China. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of linear lighting series ranging from LED suspended linear lights, LED surface mounted linear lights, LED recessed linear lights, and LED linear lights OEM/ODM bespoke lighting.

Our factory has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and our engineers and R&D team have over 10 years of experience in optical design and structural design, most of our products are with CE RoHS, ETL, UL, and CCC certificates. More importantly, we’ve been continuously improving our product quality and launching unique design products to meet customers’ diverse requirements. If you have a lighting project, contact us to get a free quote now.

LED Linear Lighting Manufacturer

What is LED Linear Light?

LED Linear Light is a type of lighting fixture with multiple LEDs packaged together in a long, straight housing to form a linear-shaped luminaire instead of round or square. The linear light distributes light over a narrow area, creating a strip of direct illumination. They have a modern look and can be easily customized to fit any design desired or various applications. Typically, they come in 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, or even longer, the linear lights can be the alternative and replacement solution to the traditional linear fluorescent light, T5/T8 tube lights. These lights can be recessed into a wall or ceiling, surface installed, or suspended. Luminouslite’s linear lights feature in linkable function, which enables them to be interconnected.

3 Types of LED Linear Light

LED Suspended Linear Light

Suspended linear lights, also known as pendant linear lights, it’s one of the most popular and impressive lighting trends out there. They use suspension wires or chains to hang from the ceiling, you can raise or lower the height of the fixture to control light intensity and get the desired illumination. Linear pendant lights are most suited to rooms with generous ceiling height, they are also ideal for creating stunning accent lighting – think about hanging over reception desks, dining tables, or atriums. A variety of spaces can benefit from suspended linear lighting!

LED Surface Mounted Linear Lights

LED Surface Mounted Linear lights are also known as Ceiling Mounted linear lights and Wall Mounted linear lights. They’re mounted onto the surface of the ceiling or wall and offer a flush installation that is tied in with the interior design. In addition, surface mounted linear light is suited to situations where pendant linear lights could be too low due to ceiling height. Surface mounting light creates an elegant effect that embosses walls and ceilings and complements contemporary clean interior designs in workspace, healthcare, and education settings.

LED Recessed Linear Lights

LED Recessed Linear Lights are recessed into a hollow opening in a surface, be it a ceiling, wall, or another surface. They can be trimmed for various project sizes and configurations to blend seamlessly into the ceiling, wall, or floor surface of the space. These lights can be recessed mounted individually or in a continuous run that puts a line of light where you want it. When in continuous run installation, the recessed linear lights offer clean, uninterrupted lines that give a room a distinct sense of style, subtlety, and sophistication.

What are the benefits of LED Linear Lighting?

As a LED linear light manufacturer, we know the features of these linear lighting and what you can benefit from using them. For many reasons, they have become one of the most popular lighting solutions for offices, workshops, and commercial and industrial environments.

  • Aesthetics

If you’re a designer or an architect and looks are important to you, then LED Linear has a pretty strong offering. It provides a huge amount of versatility when it comes to creating unique and eye-catching designs. The bespoke sizes and shapes with a variety of colors from black, white, and silver powder coating give you so many available options that make LED Linear a versatile selection. It’s a lighted luminaire when it’s turned on, as well as an aesthetic decorative piece when it’s off.

  • Flexible Installation

LED linear lights can be either hanging, recessed, or surface mounted to the wall and ceiling. For the lower ceiling project, you can choose surface-mounted installation. For a false ceiling or drop ceiling, then recessed installation is preferred. Luminouslite’s linear lights feature a combination of hanging and ceiling-mounted installation functions together, you can switch to another installation freely depending on the site installation condition. It’s up to your imagination how the installation will look.

  • Superior Light Performance

Linear lighting spread a more diffused and ambient light that doesn’t have the harsher glare of spotlights or other more conventional light sources. And, they give off even lumen output, illumination is brighter and without dark spots. The CRI is more than 90 which gives a real color look to the item. They’re also energy-saving, and consume much less energy than traditional lights. This saves on utility costs over time.

  • Long Lifetime

Long lifetime not only means that the lights need to be replaced less often than other types but also means over a period of several years (can be 5-20 years depending on the working hours), the light can still shine as bright as the day it was installed. Or at least reach 70% or 80% of its original brightness. This is particularly important when it comes to lighting mounted up high which requires lifts or ladders to reach. Luminouslite’s linear lighting fixtures are with a long lifetime that lasts more than 50,000 hours.

How to Choose Reliable LED Linear Light Manufacturer?

There are many LED light manufacturers in China, that specializes in the fabrication of different lighting fixtures. If you’re looking for a reliable led linear light manufacturer, there are several things that need to consider, such as professionalism, capability, stability, warranty, etc. We will go over some of them today, so you know if they’re professional linear light manufacturers or not.

Professionalism: firstly they should be a professional of linear light. As lighting comes in a bunch of different designs and functions, being good at the production of panel lights or down lights doesn’t mean they can produce linear light well. Since these products are meant for different use and have their own specification and technical sheet to work out. If the factory is not professional in linear lights, it’s hard to believe they can supply good quality products.

Production and Quality: The requirement to produce led lighting can be very different depending on the style. LED linear lights are pretty long that will need spacious production lines to produce, assemble, and store. Additionally, the reliable linear light manufacturer should also have qualified testing machines or devices to implement testing and commissioning, such as aging tests, IEC tests, etc.

Product Certificate: For different markets, the certification varies. If you’re in the U.S., then you need to consider the UL or ETL certified manufacturer. If the products are without UL and ETL listing, it’s very likely you can not sell in the American market or the products are rejected by the electrical inspector. Equally, for the European market, CE-certified products are a must. Luminouslite’s products are with UL/ETL, CE Rohs, ENEC, and SAA.

Warranty: When it comes to the warranty, go with the suppliers who offer a warranty of at least 3-5 years. The fact that now LED is a mature technology, its life span is more than 30,000 hours and that can last for many years under normal usage. Suppliers who offer a 3-5 years warranty on their products also indicate they’re confident in their product quality.

Rich Project Experience: Last but not least, choose a manufacturer with full project experience and understanding. These suppliers know the project’s requirements and in return, they produce the lighting as per its standard and specification. Working with this manufacturer can dramatically save you time and money. Luminouslite is a solution-based LED lighting manufacturer, we’ve done many lighting projects already for hotels, apartments, villas, houses, gardens, warehouses, offices, rooms, halls, and so on.

When is linear LED lighting appropriate?

Linear LED lighting is appropriate for a variety of applications, including task lighting, accent lighting, and general lighting. They carry a modern look and are typically used in commercial and industrial settings, such as offices, warehouses, and factories, as well as in residential settings, like kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. Some LED linear light systems are outdoor-rated in which case they are suitable for the outdoors.

Create a modern, sleek look in any space, our suspended LED lights are perfect for retail lighting since they deliver a beautiful diffused light to effectively showcase products in a visually pleasing way. You can adjust the brightness of these fixtures to create the perfect atmosphere in any setting, and they come in a range of lengths and wattages. In addition, LED Linear lights are available in a variety of shapes: Rectangular, Round, Cylinder, Oval, and Square!

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