LED Panel Light 600*600mm

Ultra-Thin LED Panel Lights

Our LED Panel light is constructed using an extruded aluminum frame with a high-quality PMMA light guide panel combined with an attractive acrylic lens that achieves a wide light distribution pattern. The use of PMMA assures that the LED light panel will not yellow over time. All of our led panel lighting are available with easy-to-install emergency lighting options. They are flicker-free, and we provide glare control versions, various dimming options, and some IP65 rated led panel luminaires. Available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K light with a high 82+CRI provides a daylight solution. These Panel lights are ideal for use in offices, schools, healthcare, and many other commercial applications.

LED Panel Light Features

  • Wattage range from 36w, 40w, 48w and 72w.
  • 600*600mm, 300*1200mm, and 600*1200mm available.
  • Tunable color temperature options of 3000K/5000K/6000K.
  • Edge-Lit and Back-Lit options for various projects,
  • Ultra-Thin design provides even illumination,
  • Earthquake clips are standard on each panel light,
  • Powered by a driver voltage constant current, ensure safety, energy saving, and long life.
  • Ideal replacement for 600 x 600mm fluorescent fittings
  • Emergency backup driver system is available.

For more flat panel lighting features and information, please see our LED Panel Lights Complete Guide.

LED Panel Lights Manufacturer

Luminouslite is a professional LED Panel Lights Manufacturer in China. We produce both EdgeLit and BackLit panel light options, in order to meet your different project requirements. Flat LED Panel Lights are ideal for replacing old fluorescent light fixtures since LED technology is the best solution for placement in standard systems of ceilings. Our panel lights series are available in 595*595mm (or 620*620mm), 1195*295mm, and 1195*595mm, along with hanging installation kits and surface-mounted frames, they are the perfect replacement solutions for retrofit lighting projects. If you’re looking for LED lights that deliver general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings for your school, office, hospital, and store projects, LED panel lights are the perfect choice for both new construction and retrofits.