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Recessed linear lighting can be used to create clean, invisible lines or shapes of light that blend seamlessly into the ceiling and wall surfaces of a space. They’re made of extruded aluminum housing with a protective silver anodized finish, capped with a PC frosted diffuser. Recessed linear lights are the alternative solution to LED downlights, while these linear luminaires can produce a stunning continuous distribution of diffused light in any plasterboard or timber ceiling. Available lengths from 600mm to 1500mm and various widths of 35/55/75/105/125/150/205mm, these linear recessed lighting can be easily customized to create unique fittings that are stylish and memorable.

Why Choose Luminouslite?

Luminouslite is a professional recessed linear light manufacturer in China. We manufacture a wide variety of quality recessed linear lighting fixtures and aluminum profiles for LED strip lights. Our recessed lighting can be installed on ceilings, walls, or even under the cabinet and in any location that you could think of for architectural lighting design advantage.

Apart from the slim and compact size linear lamp, we also offer wide bodied (width can be up to 200mm) recessed linear lights for massive light output requirements. Supplied in standard 1m or 2m lengths and cut lengths can be customized upon request. No matter the project is a small office conference room or hotel lobbies and retail space, or it’s a large-scale architectural conference hall and building, we always get you covered.

What are the advantages of recessed linear lights?

From plaster-in LED and artificial skylights to wall washers and crown molding lighting, recessed linear lights build right into your project, creating a sleek, contemporary look in a room without taking up any valuable space. They’re flush-mounted to the surface and are ideal to light a stairway, highlight an architectural feature or make a focal point. In addition, linear recessed lighting ensures smooth, even light that never goes out of style, regardless of the size or scope of your project.

Furthermore, recessed linear lights are ambient lighting, they’re placed throughout the ceiling and provide more coverage area, it’s much easier to light up every single corner of your space. They can be also used as accent lighting or decorative lighting when mounted to the wall.

Last but not least, recessed lighting brings a clean and lean look and adds to the aesthetics of a place. Especially for trimless linear lighting, they make the best minimalistic design and give the overall impression of seamlessness and quality. Essentially trimless is a way of hiding the fixture or fitting and allowing the light itself to play the dominant role, thus providing an aesthetic look. 

How to choose the recessed linear lighting?

Luminouslite manufactures various types of recessed linear light fixtures, catering to different project requirements. When it comes to choosing the best recessed linear lights for your project, there are 4 factors for your consideration.

  • Ceiling Height

Knowing the ceiling height is important when you’re spacing recessed linear lights with the correct wattage and lumen. If it’s high ceilings, you’d need to use high-power recessed lights that can shoot out adequate lumens to light up the space. Our products ranged from 20w to 50w with high luminous efficiency of more than 100lm/w, giving you several options to choose from.

  • Size

Once the ceiling height and light wattage are confirmed, then you need to choose the right size of the light fixture. Flush-mounted lights come in either narrow slim shapes or wide bodied configurations. The appropriate size of a fixture depends on the project type and interior design, which can be determined by architects, consultants, or ID. For office or home applications, we suggest model RLL5535 or RLL540.

  • Trim or Trimless

For some upscale designs, designers often recommend trimless recessed linear lighting. Trimless recessed linear lights contain no visible trim ring after it’s installed in the ceiling. With no visible trim, the light appears as though they are integrated into the ceiling, offering a cleaner, premium look. However, installation of trimless recessed lighting could be more complicated, you’ll need a drywaller to plaster the trim of the lights into the ceiling.

  • Color Temperature

Color temperature is quite important and has a direct impact on our daily work and life. Typically, the type of recessed lighting you select will depend on its intended use. You’ll want warm lighting (2700k or 3000K) for relaxing and reading, and a cooler color temperature (4000K or 5000K) for working and completing tasks. If you want a multiple-color option, we also have CCT tunable recessed linear lights, in which color temp is adjustable from 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K.

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