LED Suspended Linear Light SLL6563

LED Suspended Linear Lights

LED suspended linear light fixture is mounted to the ceiling and utilized to light up indoor areas. This type of lighting fixture can be mounted with cables, chains, and steel rope or directly to a surface. They can be ranged from different lengths and widths to form a variety of sizes for various project applications. LED pendant linear lights are great task lighting, they create direct light toward the tabletop, which provides perfect illumination for tasks thus improving your concentration. These pendant linear lights are widely used in office buildings, retail centers, 4S shops, schools or universities, homes, or hospitals.


  • Wide beam angle cover provides diffused illumination,
  • Interconnected design support continuous running,
  • Suspended and surface-mounted installations combined,
  • High CRi with Flicker Free, no eyestrain and headache,
  • Black, White, Silver, or customized color finish options,
  • Aluminum-made material with good heat dissipation,
  • 600/900/1200/1500/1800mm, 5 lengths available,
  • 20/30/40/50/60w, 5 power options,
  • Support 1-10V and DALI dimmable.
LED Suspended Linear Light SLL6563 features


ModelSLL6563 SLL6563 SLL6563 SLL6563
Power20W 30W 40W 50W
PF>0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
Voltage110/220v 110/220v 110/220v 110/220v

Photometric and Explosive view

LED Suspended Linear Light SLL6563 features

Suspended linear light options

From minimal and modern to fun and eclectic, we produce a wide range of hanging light styles to suit any interior project. Whether you need slim sizes or round shapes, or you’re looking for bespoke lighting, as a suspended linear light manufacturer, we always have the solution to meet your needs. Check our selection below to choose the best one for your lighting projects.

Why LED Suspended Linear Lights are Popular?

Because of their rectangular shape, LED suspended linear lights are great to make a room appear more spacious and longer. They are typically long-length fixtured hanging from the ceiling in a linear configuration that complements the shape of long dining room tables, pool tables, and kitchen islands while delivering ample downlighting. Thanks to their streamlined design, linear pendant lights are popular both in residential and commercial projects. Suspended light fixtures can be customized to different lengths and widths and arranged in specific patterns to make office spaces more unique. Luminouslite’s collection of linear suspension lights has several variations available, with slim shapes or a compact design, as well as narrow beams and diffused light options.

How to Choose the Best Linear Fixture?

LED pendant linear lights come in a variety of sizes, not only they’re with different lengths but the widths and heights are also quite different. Therefore, before choosing one, measure the dining table, work desk, kitchen island, billiard table, or any surface where the linear light will be installed. When finalized the length, then review the size of width and height to select which shape will best match the interior space. Generally, the sizes differ in wattage, bigger wattage always comes with bigger sizes. If you’re not sure how much power is enough to light up the table, as an architectural lighting solution and suspended linear lighting manufacturer, Luminousilte can make the calculation and propose. After you get the desired shape and specs, then sort through which colors and finishes will best match the space’s color scheme. The available colors we have are white, black, and silver. Customized colors are welcome.

Where is Suspended Linear Lighting Used?

Due to the flexibility of suspended linear lighting, they can be used for any interior application that would benefit from having diffused light to provide gentle illumination that is pleasing to the eye but bright enough for general visibility. In the past, we used to see linear lighting often used in commercial spaces such as retail and offices. Now we are seeing more and more linear lighting used in schools, office buildings, homes, and shops.

What are the Dimensions of Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

We have hundreds of sizes available for you to choose from, so you can find the most suitable one to match the architecture of the existing space. Length from 600mm to 1800mm and width from 30mm to 150mm, whether it’s for an office, retail space, school, house, villa, hotel, or apartment, we give you options from a to z.

Production of Pendant Linear Lighting Fixtures

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