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Surface mount linear fixtures are installed tight to the ceiling or wall. The main feature of using a LED surface profile is the minimal installation effort or preparation required. Surface-mounted linear lighting can be used effectively to enhance architectural features and can be integrated with joinery details to add interest to a range of different spaces. If you are looking to illuminate a space with LED linear lights, then look no further than our surface-mount LED light. This comes with ceiling mounting kit, as well as wall mounting kit, allowing you to install the light to the ceiling or wall.

Surface Mounted LED Linear Lighting Factory

Why Work With Luminouslite?

Luminouslite is a professional LED surface mounted linear light manufacturer in China. Whether you’re looking for surface mount, suspended, louvered, or recessed, these sleek modern fixtures provide an eye-catching look yet are powerful enough to get the job done. Our LED linear light series have a polished, low-profile design, while high-performance LEDs provide energy-efficient diffused light that is visually appealing. Ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted linear lights are easy to install and long-lasting, they require much less maintenance than other types; particularly important when it comes to lighting mounted up high. We offer many LED architectural linear fixture options including dimmable, CCT adjustable, linkable, and more.

What is Surface Mounted Linear Light?

LED Surface Mounted Linear lights are also known as Ceiling Mounted linear lights and Wall Mounted linear lights. They’re mounted onto the surface of the ceiling or wall and offer a flush installation that is tied in with the interior design. There has little or no space between the fixture and the ceiling, making it suitable for parts of the house with a low ceiling. In addition, surface mounted linear light is suited to situations where pendant linear lights could be too low due to ceiling height. Surface mounting light creates an elegant effect that embosses walls and ceilings and complements contemporary clean interior designs in the workspace, healthcare, and education settings.

Why Use LED Surface Mount Linear Lights?

Surface mounted linear lighting is a great choice for new installations or big retrofit and re-wiring jobs. They are ideal for lower-ceiling applications that prevent the use of pendant lighting or the ceiling is do not allow for recessed lights to be installed. For the space with a concrete ceiling, it is so firm and solid that it cannot be recessed. In such a case, the best option is these ceiling-mounted linear lights.

Surface mounted linear light is popular and practical because it’s easy to install and can be used anywhere in the home, even in small spaces with low ceiling clearance. They are maintenance free and you don’t have to worry about changing light bulbs. Ceiling mount linear lights are generally easier to clean, too. Because they sit flush to the ceiling, they’re less prone to bugs and dust getting into the fixture.

For a more traditional look, surface mounted lighting is the way to go. This is when linear light fixtures are directly mounted onto ceilings and walls, and it can be considered a ‘classic’ implementation as it is one of the oldest.

What are the Advantages of Surface mounted linear lighting?

Suitable for small rooms. Surface mounted linear light is best suited for small and low to medium ceiling hieght, because it is attached to the ceiling and used up little space as expected of ceiling lights. Generally, the smaller the room and the shorter the ceiling, the better the efficiency of surface mounted lighting.

High Brightness & Energy Efficiency. Luminouslite’s lighting fixtures are with high brightness which is more than 100 lumen per watt, consumes less power, but brighter. Our lights are also energy efficient and give off minimal heat.

Mulitple size options. Depending on your interior design and space dimensions, you can choose from different sizes of 600mm long to 1800mm long, as well as the color finish from black, white, silver, or even customized color. There are also really stylish designs that require aesthetic expertise to select and combine with other lighting fixtures in the room.

Easy installation and Maintenance. Ceiling-mounted light fixture’s maintenance is easy because it’s attached directly to the ceiling. It’s also easier to clean since the light sits flush to the ceiling, allowing no room for dust or insects to collect in it.

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