Wattage & CCT Adjustable Linear Lights

Wattage & CCT Adjustable Linear Lights

Upgrade your office space with flexible, easy to install, and energy efficient LED linear lights. This wattage and CCT adjustable linear light allow you to tune the wattage between 25, 30, and 40 watts and the color temperature between 3000, 4000, and 6000K, you can customize the lighting to fit different project needs. With the ability to fine-tune both the brightness and color temperature, you have complete control over the lighting atmosphere. Whether you need dynamic, high-intensity lighting for detailed tasks or a softer, warm glow for a cozy ambiance, this LED linear light delivers the flexibility you need.


Color temp:100-277V
Material:Aluminum+PC cover
Luminous efficacy:130LM/W
IP grade:IP20
Function:Wattage and CCT adjustable
Warranty:5 years

Wattage & CCT Adjustable Linear Lights Factory

What is wattage adjustable and CCT changeable LED linear light?

Wattage adjustable and CCT changeable linear lights allow users to customize the lighting levels and color temperature as per requirements. Wattage adjustment refers to the ability to control the power consumption and brightness level of the LED light, allowing you to customize the intensity of illumination based on your needs. CCT changeability refers to the capability to modify the color temperature of the light, typically ranging from warm (yellowish) to cool (bluish) tones. These smart functions offer more flexibility in lighting design.

What are the benefits of using wattage and CCT adjustable linear lights?

Wattage adjustable and CCT tunable linear lights offer versatility, energy efficiency, and the ability to customize lighting to meet specific needs, making them a practical choice for various settings, including homes, offices, retail spaces, and hospitality environments. Here are the top benefits of these linear lights.

Adaptability: Adjusting the wattage allows you to customize the brightness level of the light. This adaptability is useful for different tasks or activities that require varying levels of illumination. For example, depending on the requirements of the space, you can increase the brightness for detailed tasks that require focus, or lower it for creating a relaxing ambiance.

More Energy Efficiency: Since LED linear lights are already energy-saving fixtures, by adjusting the wattage, you can further optimize the power consumption of the LED linear light. Lowering the wattage reduces energy usage and can contribute to energy savings over time, resulting in lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Lighting Flexibility: The ability to change the CCT provides flexibility in creating different lighting moods and atmospheres. You can switch between warm and cool tones to suit different settings or preferences. For example, a 4000K CCT produces a warm white light that is ideal for areas where people need to relax, while a 6500K CCT produces a daylight-like light that is perfect for areas where people need to focus and concentrate.

Task Specificity: Different tasks may benefit from different lighting conditions. For example, tasks involving reading, writing, or detailed work that require focus and attention to detail may benefit from higher intensity lighting with a cooler CCT to enhance visibility and reduce eye strain, while activities that prioritize relaxation or comfort may be better suited with lower intensity lighting and a warmer CCT. Having adjustable wattage and CCT allows you to optimize the lighting for specific tasks or activities.

Circadian Rhythm Support: The ability to adjust the CCT of the lighting allows you to mimic natural daylight variations throughout the day. This can help regulate your circadian rhythm, which is the body’s internal clock that influences sleep-wake cycles and overall well-being. By using cooler, bluish tones during the day and warmer, reddish tones in the evening, you can promote a healthier sleep-wake cycle and enhance productivity during the day.

Personalization: With wattage and CCT adjustability, you have the freedom to personalize the lighting in your space according to your preferences and needs. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for relaxation or social gatherings, or a bright and focused environment for work or study. You can easily transform the mood and ambiance of a room by adjusting the lighting to suit different occasions or preferences. This level of customization enables you to tailor the lighting to your unique style and preferences.

How does the dip switch work on the LED Linear light?

The dip switch on the LED linear light allows users to adjust the wattage and CCT of the fixture without any complex wiring or programming. Users simply need to flip the dip switches to the desired settings, and the light will adjust accordingly.

Why Choose Luminouslite?

Luminouslite is a professional Wattage & CCT Adjustable Linear Lights manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of LED linear lights to cater to various lighting needs and applications. Whether you require task lighting for commercial spaces, architectural lighting for accentuating features, or general lighting for residential areas, LuminousLite has a comprehensive selection of products to choose from, allowing our customers to find the perfect fit for their projects. In addition, we offer customization options that allow customers to tailor LED linear lights to their specific needs. From wattage and CCT adjustment to different lengths and mounting options, LuminousLite can accommodate individual project specifications, ensuring a customized lighting solution.

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